Inaugural of South Africa—China Bilateral Workshop Series “Cosmology with Large Surveys” and Opening Ceremony of UKZN—NAOC Joint Centre

19th November to 26th November, 2016
Protea Hotel Umhlanga Rocks, Protea Mall, Cnr Lighthouse and Chartwell Drive, Durban

Saturday, 19th November

Arrival, registration

Sunday, 20th November

Additional arrival and registration

Optional City Excursion:

Morning: Umgeni River Bird Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium, Durban Botanic Garden

Afternoon: uShaka Marine World

(see “social event page”)

Evening: Welcome reception (7pm, Protea Hotel Umhlanga Rocks)

Monday, 21st November (Protea Hotel Umhlanga Rocks)

Morning Section. Opening ceremony of UKZN-NAOC Joint Centre for computational astrophysics

Chair: Prof. Deo Jaganyi

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
College of Agriculture, Engineering & Science, UKZN

 9:30—10:00 Arrival of Guests

Tea & Coffee

10:00—10:15 Welcome & Introduction

Dr. Albert Van Jaarsveld

Vice-Chancellor & Principal, UKZN

10:15—10:35 Introduction to Chinese Astronomy and National Astronomical Observatory

Prof. Jinxin Hao

Director of National Astronomical Observatory, China

10:35—10:55 Introduction to South Africa Astronomy [ppt]

Mr. Takalani Nemaungani

10:55—11:15 South Africa—China bilateral collaboration and UKZN—NAOC partnership in Astronomy [ppt]

Dr. Yin-Zhe Ma

11:15—11:30 Deputy Director-General, Department of Science and Technology

Dr Thomas Auf der Heyde

11:30—11:45 Mr. Jian-Zhou Wang, Chinese Consulate-General

11:50—12:05 Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on stage: Leadership groups of South Africa and China

12:05—12:25 Group Photo

12:25—13:50 Lunch (Lighthouse Restaurant at ground floor)

Afternoon Session: Inaugural of South Africa—China bilateral workshop

Overview of South Africa and China astronomy projects I: From SKA to FAST (Chair: Xuelei Chen)

14:00—14:40 Invited Talk: Bernie Fanaroff (SKA South Africa)— SKA and MeerKAT: Where are we and where are we going? [ppt]

14:40—15:20 Invited Talk: Di Li (NAOC China)— A Drift Scan Commensal Survey Plan by FAST [ppt]

15:20—15:50 Tea break

Overview of South Africa and China astronomy projects II: Optical Survey and large-scale structure (Chair: Luis Ho)

15:50—16:30 Invited Talk: Ted Williams (SAAO)— Toward a China – South Africa Partnership for Southern Optical Facilities for Observational Cosmology [ppt]

16:30—17:00 Invited Talk: Yipeng Jing (SJTU)— Redshift space distribution and the growth rate [ppt]

17:00—17:30 Invited Talk: Petri Vaisanen (SAAO)—- Using SALT for Surveys [ppt]

17:30—18:50 Dinner at Lighthouse restaurant

Evening Session: Public Engagement (Chair: Lerothodi Leeuw)

19:00—19:15 Address: Nithaya Chetty (NRF)

19:15—19:45 Justin Jonas (SKA and Rhodes): MeerKAT as SKA precursor [ppt]

19:45—20:15 Shuang-nan Zhang (NAOC and IHEP, CAS): Two Space High Energy Astrophysics Missions of China: POLAR and HXMT [ppt]

20:15—21:00 Questions and Answers


Tuesday, 22nd November  

Morning session. High Energy Astrophysics (Session Chair: Rainer Spurzem)

09:00-09:30 Invited Talk: Luis Ho      (KIAA PKU) Supermassive Black Holes Across Cosmic Time [ppt]

09:30-10:00  Invited Talk: Soebur Razzaque     (University of Johannesburg) Cosmological binary black hole merger rates from the ultra-luminous X-ray source progenitors [ppt]

10:00-10:20                Zunli Yuan (Yunnan Observatories, CAS) Probing the cosmic evolution of radio AGNs by the radio luminosity function  [ppt]

10:20-10:40  Coffee break & Poster

cont. High Energy Astrophysics (Session Chair: Zuhui Fan)

10:40-11:10  Invited Talk: Xue-Bing Wu (Peking University) Ultra-luminous quasars with the most massive black holes at cosmic dawn  [ppt]                  

11:10-11:30         Rainer    Spurzem (NAOC)    Black Holes and gravitational waves from dense star clusters [ppt]                   

11:30-11:50         Xi Luo (North-West University) A Numerical Investigation of Cosmic Ray Modulation Near the Heliopause [ppt]

11:50-12:20  Panel Discussion I: High energy astrophysics (Confirmed panel members: Sergio Colafrancesco, Xuebing Wu, Fan Zhang, Soebur Razzaque, Zunli Yuan, Shuang-nan Zhang*)

12:20-13:20  Lunch

Afternoon session. Cosmology I: large-scale structure (Session Chair: Yipeng Jing)      

13:30-14:00  Invited Talk: Sergio Colafrancesco (Wits University)  Beyond the standard lore of the SZ effect: prospect for large multifrequency surveys  [ppt]                          

14:00-14:20                Zuhui Fan (Peking University)     Probing the universe with weak gravitational lensing effects  [ppt]

14:20-14:40                David Gilbank (South African Astronomical Observatory) Cosmology with RCS-2  [ppt]

14:40-15:00                Yuting   Wang (NAOC)   Tomographic BAO analysis of BOSS DR12 combined sample [ppt]

15:00-15:20  Poster presentation

15:20-15:40  Tea break & Poster

cont. Cosmology 1: large-scale structure (Session Chair: Yan Gong)   

15:40-16:10  Invited Talk: Liang Gao (NAOC) The segregation of dark matter and baryons during halo assembly [ppt]

16:10-16:30  Pierre Fleury     (University of Cape Town; University of the Western Cape) Biases in cosmological distance measurements  [ppt]

16:30-16:50                Pavan Kumar Aluri    (University of Cape Town, South Africa) Direction dependence of cosmological parameters due to Cosmic Hemispherical Asymmetry  [ppt]                   

16:50-17:10                Lan Wang     (NAOC) Galaxy population in a Cold and a Warm Dark Matter Cosmology [ppt]

18:30-21:00  Banquet

18:30-19:30 Starter and main course

19:30-20:00 After dinner talk: Qi-Ming Wang (SKA headquarter) [ppt], Introduced by Ross Robinson (UKZN)

20:00-20:30 Dessert


Wednesday, 23rd November        

Morning session. Galaxies and Optical survey    (Session Chair: Matt Hilton)

09:00-09:30  Invited Talk: Renee C. Kraan-Korteweg (University of Cape Town) Galaxy flow fields and hidden structures in the Zone of Avoidance [ppt]

09:50-10:10                Ilani Loubser (North-West University) Unraveling the special properties of the most massive early-type galaxies  [ppt]

10:10-10:30                Guoliang Li  (Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS) Exploring Point Spread Function Combining Star and Galaxy Image   [ppt]      

10:30-11:00  Panel Discussion II: Galaxies and Galaxy clusters (Confirmed panel members: David Gilbank, Matt Hilton, Ilani Loubser, Guoliang Li, Jie Wang, Renee Kraan-Korteweg*)

11:00-11:20  Coffee break & Poster

Radio Astronomy 1: Epoch of Reionization (Session Chair: Mario Santos)

11:20-11:50  Invited Talk: Gianni Bernardi (SKA SA & Rhodes University)  Epoch of reionization and Cosmi Dawn with the redshifted 21cm line  [ppt]

11:50-12:10                Marta Spinelli (University of the Western Cape) Polarized synchrotron for EoR experiments [ppt]             

12:10-12:30                Jingying Wang (University of the Western Cape) The Application of Bayesian Nonparametric Estimation Methods in the Extraction of Cosmological Reionization 21cm Signals   [ppt]

12:30-14:00  Lunch

Afternoon session. Radio Astronomy 2: HI galaxy, Intensity Mapping and Foreground (Session Chair: Cynthia Chiang)

14:00-14:30                Jonathan Sievers (UKZN)      HIRAX and Fast Radio Burst  

14:30-14:50                Xuelei Chen (NAOC)      The Tianlai experiment and 21cm cosmology [ppt]

14:50-15:10                Roger Deane (Rhodes University) Gravitationally lensed HI: synergies between FAST and MeerKAT  [ppt]

15:10-15:30              Geoffrey Beck (Wits University) Dark Matter with the 21cm Background  [ppt]                 

15:30-15:50  Coffee break & Poster

cont. Radio Astronomy 2: HI galaxy, Intensity Mapping and Foreground (Session Chair: Rui-Qing Mao)

15:50-16:20  Invited Talk: Matt Jarvis       (UWC/Oxford)   Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology with MIGHTEE  [ppt]     

16:20-16:40                Yan Gong (NAOC) Intensity mapping of H-alpha, [OIII], [OII] and H-beta at z < 5 [ppt]

16:40-17:00                Moumita Aich (UKZN) The C-BASS All Sky Survey  [ppt]     

17:00-17:20                Song Chen (University of Western Cape)  Next generation radio continuum survey with stacking and P(D) analysis. [ppt]

17:20-17:50 Panel Discussion III: Cosmology with Large-survey Structure (simulation, lensing and theory) (Confirmed panel members: Zuhui Fan, Kavilan Moodley*, Yipeng Jing, Pierre Fleury, Yuting Wang, Matt Jarvis)

17:50-18:20 Panel Discussion IIIV: Cosmology with radio astronomy (Intensity mapping, EoR, and others) (Confirmed panel members: Gianni Bernardi, Mario Santos, Di Li, Roger Deane, Xuelei Chen*)

Thursday, 24th November 

 Morning session. Cosmology 2: HI and its cross-correlation (Session Chair: Catherine Cress)    

08:30-09:00  Invited Talk: Mario Santos (UWC) Cosmology with MeerKAT and SKA1-MID [ppt]

09:00-09:20                Kavilan Moodley (UKZN) Cross-correlation of CMB with 21cm intensity mapping  [ppt]

09:20-09:40                Qingbo  Ma (Purple Mountain Observatory, CAS) Cross-Correlations of kSZ with 21 cm signal and Cosmic Opacity [ppt]

09:40-10:10  Coffee break & Poster

cont. Cosmology 2: HI and its cross-correlation (Session Chair: Kavilan Moodley) 

10:30-10:50                Tianyue Chen (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, The University of Manchester)  BINGO – A Novel Single-Dish HI Intensity Mapping Experiment [ppt]

10:50-11:10                Aurelie  Penin (UKZN) The HI power spectrum beyond linear scales in the post reionization era [ppt]

11:10-11:40                Yin-Zhe Ma (UKZN) Concluding remark and Outlook for future collaboration             

11:40-12:00                Xuelei Chen (NAOC) Acknowledgement            

12:00-13:30  Lunch

Afternoon: Leave to Hluhluwe national park (optional social event, see social event page)


Friday, 25th November

Safari in Hluhluwe national park (optional tour, see social event page)

Saturday, 26th November 

Leave Durban


Affiliation (alphabetical):

KIAA, PKU: Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University

NAOC: National Astronomical Observatory China

NRF: National Research Foundation, China

PMO, CAS: Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Science

UCT: University of Cape Town

UWC: University of the Western Cape

UKZN: University of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

SAAO: South African Astronomical Observatory

SJTU: Shanghai Jiaotong University

Wits: University of Witwatersrand